Meet the Librarian

The Librarian | ODeary Library

Ophelia Bedelia is the O’Deary Library’s head librarian.

Ms. Bedelia graduated last in her class in Library Sciences from the University of Toronto. Her thesis, entitled Dust Between the Pages: The Relationship Between Allergens and Value in Rare and First Edition Children’s Classics, was hailed by her professors as the least scholarly work to ever have been produced by a student at the institution.

From this inauspicious educational start, Ophelia began her career as a librarian working for the school board.  Unfortunately, she was soon forced to leave the position due to a mysterious illness that doctors later described as an environmental allergy.  Ophelia was allergic to chalk.

She quickly took up a position at a nursing home, collecting books for and lending them to the aging residents.  It was a job, Ophelia loved, however she was forced to resign in short order because the patients claimed that Ophelia’s non-stop sneezing was interfering with their rest.

That is when Ophelia learned that the O’Deary Library was looking for a new librarian.  The previous librarian, Michael Manoonie, was leaving to pursue his lifelong dream of sailing around the world in a cement boat, which sadly sunk minutes after leaving the dock.  Mr. Manoonie was wet, but fine.  Unfortunately for him though, the train had left the station so to speak on his job and Ophelia already had it.

Ms. Bedelia (no relation to Amelia, in case you were wondering) has been head librarian at O’Deary ever since.  Her responsibilities include shelving books and helping readers find the books they want to read.  Ophelia has brought many innovations to the O’Deary Library.  One of the first of these was to institute collections of e-books and audiobooks that patrons can borrow.  “They don’t make you sneeze,” she points out.

Ophelia is currently reading The Book Thief  by Markus Zusak and highly recommends it.