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Published on June 27th, 2013 | by Devin


Ask An Author: Ken Rabow, Part 1

Ken Rabow is a life empowerment coach and the author of The Slacker’s Guide to Success, a book designed to help teens and young adults discover their strengths. In this multi-part interview, he talks about his philosophies, writing process, favourite books and more.

Your program and book, “The Slacker’s Guide to Success”, is a thirteen-step guide to overcoming the stasis a lot of teens and young adults are plagued with. How have you used these philosophies to better yourself as a writer, and to achieve your own goals?

A main philosophy of the book is: “we can only do in our lives what we can do in a day”.

By choosing to decide what we are going to do, day-by-day, a little bit at a time and creating a daily plan to tackle that work, we take control of the long-term powerful changes that will allows us to build great things in our lives.

The challenge of taking on a grand project, such as writing your own book, requires even more of that same personal discipline.

I used the first stage (personal development) and the third stage (inner development) of the book to help create a practical plan to get this book written.

The most important lesson came at the end, when everything was finished but one small thing after another threatened to derail getting the book “out there”. So many small things kept getting in the way but I kept going by keeping my eyes on the prize: to share this system with as many people as possible so that they could benefit from it. That was based on the second stage of the book (professional development).

The Slacker’s Guide to Success is out now.

To read more from Ken Rabow, visit his website, his Real Life Coaching center or his articles for The Huffington Post. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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