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Published on May 9th, 2013 | by Devin


Interview with Anthony del Col and Conor McCreery of “Kill Shakespeare”, Part 7

Anthony del Col and Conor McCreery are the co-creators and co-writers of the Shakespearean, revisionist comic book series Kill Shakespeare. In this multi-part interview, they talk about their writing process, their favourite stories and characters, writing in the comic book medium and more.

If you could live in one story-world, which would it be?

Anthony: I think it would be interesting the live in the world of Charles Dickens’ stories.  London at that time was such a fascinating world – the beginning of the Industrial Age, wide chasms between the upper and lower classes, innovation, manners and storytelling.  It would be an incredibly fascinating world of extremes.

Conor: I used to really like fantasy adventure, and while nowadays I would never want to live in a storybook world, our world is far too amazing to ever give up, I once desperately wanted to be a part of the world David and Leigh Evans created for The Belgariad and The Malloreon.

What kind of genres are you most interested in?

A: I’ve recently become quite interested in sci-fi tales and have been reading/watching quite a bit – everything from the works of Philip K. Dick through to episodes of the old Twilight Zone (with Rod Serling).

C: I’m enjoying non-fiction more and more now. I’ve been reading a lot more long-form magazine writing – Anthony got my wife a subscription to The New Yorker that we both enjoy. But growing up I loved fantasy, sci-fi, literary fiction.  Really I read pretty much everything.


The latest series of Kill Shakespeare, Tide of Blood, launched on February 20th. 

You can find more information about Kill Shakespeare at the comic’s website, as well as its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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