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Published on September 26th, 2014 | by Julie McClement


Spotlight On: Norah McClintock

Looking for darkness and danger? Mysteries that you can’t put down? You need to read Norah McClintock.

Did you know Norah McClintock has written over 30 novels? They’re usually YA mysteries and they’ll keep you guessing about the solution till the end. You may like her if you like…

Page Turners
These books are great at building suspense. Something exciting happens at the end of every chapter and you can’t wait to see what comes next.

Something Dark
Norah McClintock’s main characters tend to have something sad and scary in the past. Combine that with the fact that they often have to handle murders, robberies, and kidnappings, and you’ve got novels with an edge to them.

Don’t be surprised if the main character is in danger of losing her life. These novels have no shortage of excitement.

Potential Romance
McClintock writes male and female main characters. Early in the book, the boy will meet a girl or the girl will meet a boy and end up intrigued. Who is he or she? Can this person be trusted? Sometimes there’s even the slight possibility of romance. However, these books are focused on mystery, not love.

Long Running Series
The Chloe & Levesque mysteries, the Mike and Riel mysteries, the Ryan Dooley mysteries, the Robyn Hunter mysteries – if you like McClintock’s books, you won’t have any shortage of reading material.

Books by Norah McClintock
Close to the Heel
She Said/She Saw

 Norah McClintock’s books are published by Orca Book Publishers

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Julie McClement loves mysteries, but is glad she's never had to solve a real one. She will soon be graduating from Centennial College's Children's Entertainment: Writing, Management program.

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