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Published on August 21st, 2014 | by Tara Harte


Five Great Girl Detectives You Need to Know

No doubt about it—Nancy Drew is the supreme girl detective. After all, she’s been solving mysteries for over 80 years. But what about those lesser known girl gumshoes? The ones who have recently found themselves behind the literary eight-ball? Lucky for you, we did some sleuthing and tracked down Five Great Girl Detectives You Need to Know.

enola_holmes_cover1Suspect: Enola Holmes
First Spotted In: The Case of the Missing Marquess
Case File: Fourteen-year-old Enola is the younger sister of the infamous Sherlock Holmes. After their mother vanishes, Enola takes off to London to find her. It’s not that easy, though. She becomes embroiled in the kidnapping of a young marquess and the target of murderous villains—all the while trying to elude her brothers and solve the clues to her mother’s disappearance.


gilda_joyce_cover1Suspect: Gilda Joyce
First Spotted In: Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator
Case File: After her father’s death, 13-year-old Gilda’s kept her nose to the grindstone so she can improve her psychic skills. Why? She wants to communicate with spirits and investigate scary mysteries. She travels to San Francisco to visit her strange uncle and cousin, who need help uncovering a horrific family secret, which has caused a ghost to stalk their home.


zodiac_pi_cover1Suspect: Lili Hoshizawa
First Spotted In: Footprints of the Virgo
Case File: Lili is a 13-year-old astrologist in search of her mother…and she also happens to solve crimes as “Detective Spica” using her secret Star Ring! The ring allows her to summon the 12 zodiac spirits for help. They give her clues and guidance to bust each mystery before rival private investigator Sirius beats her to it.


chasing_vermeer_cover1Suspect: Petra Andalee
First Spotted In: Chasing Vermeer
Case File: Eleven-year-old Petra partners with her classmate Calder to find a stolen painting by the famous artist Johannes Vermeer. The thief publishes messages in the newspaper saying the painting won’t be returned until the public can solve the clues. Soon Petra finds herself at the centre of an international art scandal that has stumped everyone, including the FBI!


cake_mystery_cover1Suspect: Precious Ramotswe
First Spotted In: The Great Cake Mystery
Case File: Wouldn’t it be nice to be a detective? That’s what Precious, a little girl who lives in Botswana, thinks. She really wants to solve mysteries. After a piece of cake goes missing in her classroom, and her classmates accuse a boy without having proof, Precious vows to find the real culprit.



Okay, so which girl detectives did we miss? Make a case for them in the comments!

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