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Published on October 16th, 2012 | by Hailey


Online Reading Response Journals

readint-response-journal-table-of-contentsLooking for a unique and fun way to do your homework?

Hamza Meer had the right idea. Instead of writing his final reading response journal on Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother out by hand, he constructed a blog for it. You can visit it here: It’s sleek, wonderfully designed and organized, and is everything you could want from a book journal. And it’s collaborative! My kind of journal.

Usually when we have to write book journals, we scribble in them for a few months, hand them over to our teachers and then they scribble in them and hand them back. We throw them into our cupboards or drawers, or even the garbage, and never see or read them again. This is different. This is on the internet for us to archive, re-read and let others read.

Hamza covered everything from themes and symbolism, to including character sketches, a summary and an historical background on some book elements like the Xnet and Circle of Trust.

The next time you have a really tedious piece of homework, why not try doing something new with it like Hamza did? Get your teacher’s permission beforehand, though!



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