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Behind The Scenes

Author Meg Tilly

Meg Tilly’s newest book, Behind the Scenes, is a story of discovery, travel, summertime and best friends. It’s the perfect summer read.

Madison can’t believe it when her best friend Alyssa tells her that she’s moving back to L.A. The only thing that lightens the blow is when Alyssa’s mom offers to have Madison come for a visit. Madison quickly packs her bags, feeling ready for the sun, the heat and the glamour.

Things in Hollywood aren’t quite as movie perfect as the girls expect. First, Madison comes face to face with her greatest fear – dogs. Those drooling, sharp-toothed beasts seem to pop up just about everywhere! Meanwhile,  Alyssa meets her father for the very first time. It’s all pretty mind boggling, but the two girls know that together they can solve any problem.

Meg Tilly has put smart, likeable girls at the center of her story. She shows how the girls’ goofy humour allows them to endure the tough times and celebrate the good ones. Readers looking for a fun, breezy read will love spending their summer with Madison and Alyssa.

Why You’ll Love It

If you like light comedy, friendship, and fun, this is a book for you.

Choice Quote: “The limo wove its way through the parkade, and Madison watched through the rear window as the paparazzi got smaller and smaller, until finally they were gone.”

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Behind the Scenes is published by Penguin Random House.

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