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Blazed by Jason Myers

Jason Myers latest book Blazed is an edgy and intense examination of one boy’s desperate attempt to escape a less than stellar life.

14-year-old Jamie loves art, music, his mom and getting high. Those are the only things in his life he has time for. Detested by teachers, the school principal and kids his own age, Jamie lives in a bubble, a drug fuelled “glass castle” that helps him cope with a difficult mother and all of his pent up rage. So when a tragic accident throws his life into disarray Jamie is sent to live with the
father he doesn’t know and finally confront the demons he’s been running from.

Jason Myers Blazed is edgy and intense. Main character Jamie Blazed1is like a modern day , foul mouthed Holden Caulfield, disgusted by “phonies”, liars and try hards. His disdain for other teenagers is only matched by his dislike of authority, adults and particularly his father. As Jamie navigates life in San Francisco long-hidden truths are unveiled, none of which are easy to accept.

New friends and a new girlfriend give Jamie a chance at redemption. His desire to change lies mostly in his relationship with feisty, artsy Dominique. Soon the realization hits that the drugs he’s become so dependent on only manufacture a fake happiness, that it’s unfair his mother’s issues force him to be the adult and that life with his dad may be the key to escaping Illinois. But can he really leave his mom behind?

Why You’ll Love It

With strong language and mature themes – drug abuse, relationships, divorce, Blazed takes a no holds barred approached to what it means to be a teen with unlimited cash and little supervision. Jamie’s life though majorly dysfunctional is a wild ride.

Choice Quote: I’ll never compromise a thing I love in order to be liked by anyone else.

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Blazed is published by Simon & Schuster

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