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Published on July 8th, 2014 | by Julie McClement


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


What would you do if every boy or girl you’ve ever had a crush on found out about it? How would you deal if all your secrets were revealed? Those are just some of the issues teenager Lara Jean has to cope with in Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Lara Jean writes letters to the boys she loves. She’s the only one who reads them, and she likes it that way. Lara Jean shares her deepest feelings, and once they’re out, she can move on.

When Lara Jean learns that one boy received his letter, her life feels like a nightmare . Then she learns it’s not just him – all the boys are getting the letters she wrote about them.  Lara Jean is so embarrassed that she could stay in bed forever or, failing that, move to Siberia. However, she comes up with a slightly less drastic solution. She’ll get a fake boyfriend, paste on a smile, and no one will suspect her true feelings.

Lara Jean must juggle her fake relationship, her real crush, and her family without everything going splat. It’s easy to empathize with these struggles. In To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Jenny Han has created a compelling story about a girl whose heart leads her into some serious trouble.

Why You’ll Love It
Lara Jean is a character you can easily identify with. Her feelings and thoughts are always easy to understand. Besides, how would you feel if your biggest secrets got out?

Choice Quote: “I suppose there’s only one thing I can do. I’ll write him another letter. A postscript with as many pages as it takes to X away whatever feelings I have left for him. I’ll put this whole thing to rest, once and for all.”

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To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is published by Simon & Schuster.


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Julie McClement loves mysteries, but is glad she's never had to solve a real one. She will soon be graduating from Centennial College's Children's Entertainment: Writing, Management program.

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