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The Circus Dogs of Prague


When a clever Jack Russell and his pooch pals take over a circus fun times and laughter ensue in The Circus Dogs of Prague

Adorable Jack Russell terrier JR is off on another hilarious adventure with his three doggie friends and his Human, George. The destination is Prague. The reason: VACATION. They’re visiting the brother of George’s girlfriend, Nadya. He’s a daring trapeze artist at Circus Sergei.

When JR and friends arrive at the circus, they discover the animal performers are not happy. The tiger and elephant don’t want to be there, and the chimp, the chicken, and the kangaroo yearn to showcase their real talents. The dogs, with JR as talent director, devise a plan for the circus animals to take over the show for one spectacular night. Of course, things are never easy. JR must contend with a new pet in the family—a fluffy cat named Kisa who’s always getting him in trouble. Plus, he’s stressed because George and Nadya have been arguing the entire trip. What if Nadya leaves them? JR would be heartbroken. And then there’s Pie, JR’s friend who has trotted off to join the circus to become a spoken word performer. Sheesh. Aren’t vacations supposed to be relaxing?

The Circus Dogs of Prague is funny, sweet, and fast-paced. Readers get to know Prague via tidbits of information the author weaves throughout the book. And it’s never heavy handed—readers will simply want to learn more about the city. This book is the second starring JR and friends. It’s not necessary to read the first book as Rachelle Delaney does such a great job introducing each character, but this reader will definitely be picking up The Metro Dogs of Moscow. Who wouldn’t want to read about dogs figuring out how to take the metro (true story!) to solve a mystery?

Why You’ll Love It
The cast of characters (both animal and human) is just so darn loveable! And quirky. The target audience is for kids 8+, but older readers and adults will love this book because of its witty prose and humour.

Choice Quote: JR’s jaw dropped. Nadya was going to allow the cat on the bed? He was never allowed on the bed, not even after he’d had a bath! He turned to George to protest the injustice. But George was too busy trying to untie his summer scarf to notice.

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The Circus Dogs of Prague is published by Puffin Books.

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