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A Dark Inheritance

A Dark Inheritance is Book #1 in the UNICORNE Files series. Written by New York Times bestselling author Chris d’Lacey, this book grabbed me from the start with its head-scratching, engaging first few sentences:

“It was the day Mom took the coast road to school. The day I tried to save a suicidal husky. One day before I would begin to wonder if my father was still alive.”

Say what? I needed to keep reading to find out what was going on with Michael Malone – main character and alterer of reality. Yes, what Michael thought was dizziness and blurred vision turned out to be the precursors to his ability to manipulate time.

Michael’s actions catch the attention of Amadeus Klimt, representative of UNICORNE, a secret organization that investigates paranormal phenomena. Mr. Klimt has a proposal for Michael: join UNICORNE as an agent-in-training in exchange for information about Michael’s missing father, presumed dead three years ago. Michael agrees, and Mr. Klimt gives him his first assignment: discover the truth about a dead girl. Was she really killed in a tragic accident? Or could it be something a bit more nefarious?

The great thing about A Dark Inheritance is that it keeps you off balance and makes you question everything. Who is telling the truth? Is Michael being manipulated? Is there anybody worth trusting? And what about that ghost possession?

Why You’ll Love It

Chris d’Lacey has written a nonstop action-adventure alternate reality story. But it’s also a sci-fi thriller with a central mystery and paranormal elements. D’Lacey has mixed the multiple genres beautifully.

Choice Quote: “But there are rules, Michael. Serious rules. If you break them, you will put yourself in jeopardy, and all chance of finding your father will be gone. There are people out there, other organizations, who would stop at nothing to access your abilities.”

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A Dark Inheritance is published by Scholastic.

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