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Falling into Place

Falling into Place is a debut YA novel by Amy Zhang that will make you want to fall back into Liz’s story again and again.

Liz Emerson wants to die, so one day she drives her Mercedes into a tree. As she lies on the ground, on the brink of death, Liz looks up to the sky and finally begins to realize things aren’t as simple as cause and effect.

On the day Liz Emerson decides to kill herself and make it look like an accident, Mr. Eliezer teaches the class about Newton’s three Laws of Motion. Liz doesn’t entirely understand all of it, especially when it’s messy and riddled with exceptions and additional factors.falling

Written from a surprising perspective, Falling into Place is realistic look at teenagers figuring out who they are and what can drive them to hate themselves. It warns against the signs of depression, and the constant need for companionship in so many forms.

Amy Zhang is a perfect example of a debut author who can perfectly encapsulate the pressures kids face in high school. Her first novel is brave, brutally honest, and often comforting when you realize no one is alone in this, unless they choose to be.

Why You’ll Love It
Heartbreak, redemption, Mean Girls, nerdy physics metaphors, and an unpredictable ending. By the end, you’re not even sure what you want from Liz and her friends—you just know you have to see it through.

Choice Quote: “I already know what she’ll realize very soon: she is human and bound by the same laws of nature—gravity, in particular—as everyone else. Try as she might, she will never grow wings.”

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Falling into Place is published by Greenwillow, in conjunction with HarperCollins.


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