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What’s worse than taking a trip on the Titanic? Taking a trip on the Titanic with werewolves.


Tess knows that boarding the Titanic will be the start of an adventure. Once she’s back on land, she’ll escape from her life as a servant and start a fresh, exciting new life in America. However, Tess’ trip is more exciting than even she could have imagined. She falls in love with Alec, a man who is everything she’s always dreamed of. He’s also a first class passenger, far above Tess’ station.

However, even that surprise can’t compare to Tess learning that werewolves are on the Titanic. When she finds out they are stalking her, she wonders how she’ll ever survive the voyage. Tess then gets the third great shock of the trip. Even if she survives the werewolves, she may not surive the sinking.

There is no shortage of excitement in Fateful. You can feel all of Tess’ desperation and fear as the trip on the Titanic turns disasterous. The blend between historical fact and the fantastical elements really works. What makes Fateful even better is how well written the many supporting characters are. You know going in that not all of them survive and it makes for a gripping read.

Why You’ll Love It
If you love danger, if you love forbidden romance, and if you think every story is better with werewolves – this is the book for you.

Choice Quote: “I can hear our pursuers coming closer. ‘Stay by my side and walk faster. And for the love of God, don’t look back.'”

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Fateful is published by HarperCollins.

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