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Loot is a non-stop action middle-grade mystery written by Jude Watson, bestselling author of the 39 Clues series, and it’s incredible! The action, the intrigue, the heists—they never stop. It’s impossible to not turn to the next page.

Twelve-year-old March is the son of infamous jewel thief Alfie McQuin. After his father falls from a rooftop to his death, March loot_cover_smallmust solve the mystery of Alfie’s dying words, “Find jewels.” Turns out, these jewels aren’t gems—it’s the name of the twin sister March didn’t know he had: Jules. When the twins first meet, they don’t exactly hit it off. Could be because they’re picked up by the police and sent to a horrible foster home. Or maybe it’s because they don’t know if the other is scamming.

Either way, March and Jules break out of the foster home, taking two other kids with them: big bully Darius and computer hacker Izzy. On the lam, with a former cop, an evil jewel thief, and an eccentric gem collector on their tails, the four must find seven magical moonstones before the twins’ thirteenth birthday. Why? It’s a matter of life or death. March and Jules need to break the deadly prophecy their father feared: Before the passage of thirteen years, the two birthed together will die together.

Loot is a fast-paced mystery that keeps readers guessing. The kids’ heists are ingenious. But the book is not just about scams, crooks, and a big payout—it’s about a brother-sister relationship, too. March and Jules have only each other. Can they form their own little family or will their distrust drive them apart?

Why You’ll Love It
It’s a non-stop roller coaster ride of action, suspense, twists, and turns. Plus, it’s four teens pulling off incredibly dangerous heists, without knowing who might double-cross who.

Choice Quote: He looked up at Jules swinging by one hand. Hang on. Hang on! The other one reached out, shaking with the effort … Like the hand in my dream, shaking … And suddenly March felt the moonstones in his secret pocket, as if they had weight and heat, and it was as though they were willing her to fall. As if they both had walked into the prophecy and tempted it…

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Loot is published by Scholastic.

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