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Markus Zusak talks about “The Book Thief”

Markus Zusak, the award-winning and internationally best-selling author of The Book Thief, tells Random House the stories of his childhood that inspired the novel.

“I was inspired to write The Book Thief because of, just memories of sitting in my kitchen when I was a kid, hearing stories my parents told me,” explains Markus Zusak in this interview with Random House. “It was like we were all glued to our seats, hearing stories of bombings, and getting up out of the ground, out of the bomb shelters in Munich and in Austria.”

Have you ever wondered where Markus Zusak got the inspiration to write The Book Thief? Well, look no further! Inside this interview, Zusak explains exactly why he decided to tell this story, why he needed to use Death as a narrator, and a whole lot more, too. Hint: it all has to do with a story his parents once told him about World War II.

So if you’ve read the book (or have just heard of it and want to know more before picking it up), this is a really fantastic video to watch.

Check out the video above and see what Zusak has to say!

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