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When fifteen year old Hannah Shepherd discovers she’s pregnant her entire life changes, determined to keep the identity of the baby’s father secret, Hannah and new kid Aaron Taylor agree to lie and say Aaron is the dad.

As Hannah and Aaron work to maintain the secret that now unites them a deep, loving bond and friendship develops between them. But Aaron’s own secrets threaten to tear them apart.

Trouble is definitely a story of opposites attracting. Hannah is wild, mature and very much into partying and hooking up, Aaron comes off clean cut, respectful and private. But as the story unfolds we learn that both Hannah and Aaron are playing caricatures of themselves, both for self preservation and as a way of not dealing with some hard truths.

Told from the dual perspectives of both main characters, the back and forth between Hannah and Aaron is engaging. The chapters are limited in length which makes for a fast paced, but smooth, read.

Trouble is also rife with complications – Hannah becomes a mark for the popular girls, including her ex-best friend, who sets out to ruin Hannah’s friendship with Aaron by any means necessary. Hannah’s home life is complicated due to her fraught relationship with her stepbrother, and her own mother. And then there’s the deep, dark secret Aaron harbours and his refusal to trust Hannah with it is what ultimately stands in the way of their friendship.

Trouble by Non Pratt is clever, mature, funny and touching. Though there are allusions to the possibility of something more than friendship developing between Hannah and Aaron, the fact that their friendship remains the crux of the story is a great change from the usual YA trope. The story deals with a mature subject: teen pregnancy, but it does so by creating two likeable and interesting main characters who are easy to identify with.

Why You’ll Love It
Main characters Hannah and Aaron are witty, fun and irreverent, despite dealing with some majorly mature issues. Plus you’ll spend the entire book secretly rooting for them to declare their undying love for each other. Trust me on this.

Choice Quote: I think about how many times I’ve laughed at something he’s said —the way I’m tempted to right now — and I wonder if he’s ever really joking at all.

Trouble is author Non Pratt’s first novel and is published by Simon & Schuster


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