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In Meaghan McIsaac’s Urgle, a boy must go out on a dangerous rescue mission.


Though slow, awkward, and a terrible hunter, Urgle has a huge responsibility. He must teach his Little Brother, Cubby, how to survive in a world where death is always around the corner. Urgle knows he’s not really up to the task. That’s why he’s so glad it will be years before either of them leaves the Ikkhuma Pit . For now they’sre surrounded by his Brothers, other abandoned children who are tough, fierce, and fearless.

Then, to Urgle’s horror, Cubby is kidnapped from the pit. Urgle has no idea what’s outside the pit and the dangers that lurk there. He only knows that those dangers can’t stop him  – he must set out to rescue Cubby, no matter what the cost.

Meaghan McIsaac has created a loveable main character, one who the reader can really root for to overcome every bully and challenge he confronts. Urgle is a story full of so many exciting moments and so many twists and turns that it’ll keep you desperate to know how it all ends.

Why You’ll Love It
Adventure junkies will be thrilled by every moment of danger and daring. The more they read, the more they’ll wish Urgle could go on longer.

Choice Quote: “He wanted me to fall. Wanted me to burn. If he’d yelled a couple seconds sooner… I would have.”

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Urgle is published by Dancing Cat Books.


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