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Video Book Review: Cassandra Clare’s “The Infernal Devices”

Looking for something new to read in between episodes of Ruby Skye P.I.? The O’Deary Library has you covered. Here, we’ll show you book reviews by some of our favorite reviewers, and you can decide for yourself if you want to check out the books!

Here’s something a little different for all of you O’Dearys out there: a video book-trilogy review!

Our latest booktuber to join the ranks of the O’Deary Library is none other than Kat from Katyastic Vlogs! And in this very special instalment of Video Book Reviews, she tackles not one, not two, but all three entries in Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices trilogy.

Now, of course, you know Clare from her time with The Mortal Instruments, a series that we’ve talked about a lot here at the O’Deary Library. The Infernal Devices trilogy is a spinoff series that takes place over a hundred years before those books, so it’s something of a prequel saga. If you’re all caught up on The Mortal Instruments, this is the obvious next place to go!

It sounds like Kat really enjoyed the series, especially towards the end, so make sure you pick up the set and give it a try.

You know what to do: read the book, watch the review. And don’t forget: you can also take a look at more reviews and videos at Kat’s channel, found here. Remember to subscribe, too!

And if social networking is more your thing, you can check Kat out on all your favorite networks: Google+TwitterGoodReads, Tumblr and her blog.

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