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Where the Wild Things Are

“Let the wild rumpus begin!” screams passionate young Max in Where the Wild Things Are, who after a fight with his mother is sent to bed without supper. But bed is not where Max goes, for while in his bedroom, his imagination takes him elsewhere, to a land across the sea where the Wild Things roam.

The Wild Things are large beasts, beasts from the mind of a child that are at once playful, frightening, fascinating, and of course, wild. They thrive on energy and will do anything to have a good time!

Almost as soon as Max proves himself to be worthy of this pack, homesickness begins to kick in. He realizes all the love he has left behind at home, and just how special a nice warm meal can be.

Where the Wild Things Are is a wonderful story written by the late, great Maurice Sendak, who has captured the hearts of many over several decades. With this story, he continues to inspire and
educate new children about the frustrations that being a young one can provide.

Where the Wild Things Are is a refreshingly quick read and a great book to read aloud to kids 3 to 8 years old. If you’re a baby sitter, it’s a great book to bring along. The story packs a ton of emotion in a very short time, and Max’s journey is one that will stay with you long after closing the book shut.

Once you finish reading this story, be sure to watch the terrific film of the same name that brings Max’s story to life in fantastic fashion!

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