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Book Trailer: Alex Flinn’s “Towering”

Here at the O’Deary Library, we get just as excited as you do about books that are coming soon. Every week, we’ll bring you trailers for books – sometimes new ones, sometimes old ones, and sometimes even fan-made ones!

Here’s an interesting trailer for you this week: a loose retelling of one of everybody’s favourite fairy tales!

Alex Flinn is the New York Times bestselling author who has made a career of re-imagining classic fairy tales (she tackled Beauty in the Beast with Beastly and Sleeping Beauty with A Kiss in Time). Now, she’s back with another new tale: Towering, a retelling of Rapunzel, the girl with the long, golden hair!

Check out the trailer above and the full synopsis below.

“New York Times #1 bestselling author Alex Flinn reimagined the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast in Beastly and gave a twist to the story of Sleeping Beauty in A Kiss in Time. Now with her gothic and darkly romantic YA novel Towering, Alex Flinn retells the tale of Rapunzel.

When Rachel was taken to live in a tower by a woman she calls Mama, she was excited. She felt like a princess in a castle. But many years later, Rachel knows her palace is really a prison, and begins to plan her escape. She is encouraged by the speed that her golden hair has been growing. It’s gotten long enough to reach the ground. And she’s begun dreaming of a green-eyed man. Could he be out there in the world? Is he coming to save her? Or will she find a way to save herself?”

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