Published on November 30th, 2012 | by Devin

Book Trailers: Kim Harrington’s “Clarity”

Here at the O’Deary Library, we get just as excited as you do about books that are coming soon. Every week, we’ll bring you a trailer for a book – sometimes new ones, sometimes old ones, and sometimes even fan-made ones!

In this trailer, we are introduced to the first novel in a new series of books: Clarity by Kim Harrington! In this series, a teenage girl named Clarity (Clare) discovers that she has a powerful gift: one that means she can she the hidden truths of the world for what they are. But when another young girl is found murdered and her brother named the prime suspect, she’ll have to use her ability to hunt down the real killer.

The Clarity books continue on in book two, Perception. Check out the trailer, then pick up the books!


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