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Published on October 22nd, 2013 | by Chloe


More from the ghosts at the O’Deary Library

We’re nearly to the end of our O’Deary Family History — do you dare to continue?

No matter what people thought about the end of the O’Deary line, it was a ways off still. The sisters were still very young, and Aiden and Liza had a long ways to go before old age.

In the meantime, the four O’Deary Sisters grew up as a single, inseparable unit. Nothing could keep them apart. It was a welcome change of pace from the usual sibling rivalry story and, better still, the kind of heated and troubling wars that had been known to break out between O’Deary children. Things certainly seemed to be on the mend for the O’Dearys, and that’s a fact!

The girls were adventurous, whip-smart and had a healthy curiosity for everything around them, much like the O’Dearys that had come before them. They went everywhere together, always looking for new things to learn and discover. And seeing as nobody seemed to care about the ghosts in the library anymore, Aiden had no issues with telling his daughters spooky ghost stories from their library’s past; some real, some exaggerated, but never the gruesome truth about some of their descendants…

Part 20

Part 21


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