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Published on October 12th, 2013 | by Chloe


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The tragedy of the O’Deary Family and the terrifying ghosts that haunt it’s halls are getting even more intense in our retelling on the chilling O’Deary Library tale.

Dora – who was now a few years old – developed an immediate attachment to the library. She would wander the halls aimlessly, disappearing for hours on end before reappearing seemingly from nowhere, as if she’d melted right into the walls. No matter how hard Mary tried to keep an eye on her adventurous daughter, she just could not seem to keep her from slipping past her and losing herself in the library.

As Dora grew older, things started to get stranger. She became entirely inseparable from the library. The first of the O’Deary daughters didn’t just love the library – she was obsessed with it. She hated to leave it. As a baby, she would cry and cry if anybody ever tried to take her away from it. As a toddler, all of her imaginary friends lived there, and were unable to leave with her when her parents demanded she come home.

Now, Devin was not particularly happy with Dora’s imaginary friends. No matter how many times Mary assured him that it was perfectly normal behavior for a child her age to have them, they made Devin uneasy. Little Dora’s commitment to the game seemed much too real for his liking. Whenever he told her that her friends were welcome to come home for dinner, she would grow angry and insist that “her friends” were not allowed to leave the library – ever – and that she would have to stay with them to keep them company.

Then, one day, when Dora was off on one of adventures in the library, she didn’t reappear. Devin and Mary searched high and low, but their daughter had simply vanished.

Where had little Dora gone? Keep reading to find out.

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