Ghost Story

Published on October 2nd, 2013 | by Chloe


Reliving the Ghost Story (Part 2)

And now, for part two of the O’Deary Library Ghost.

When last we left off in their troubled history, things weren’t looking too great for the O’Deary Family: Gregory – son-in-law to the library founder Devin O’Deary – was deceased. His poor widow, Dahlia O’Deary, was left all alone. It was far from a happy time in all of their lives!

But soon after Gregory Gothika’s untimely and unfortunate end, disaster struck the O’Deary family – again. This time, it was Dora, daughter of Devin O’Deary and Dahlia’s sister. Tragic as it was, Dora’s death seemed just as confusing and curious to the family as her brother-in-law’s had.

Find out what happens next…


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