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Published on October 7th, 2013 | by Chloe


The Ghost Story Continues…

We’re back with even more ghost stories from the O’Deary Library.

When we last checked in with the seemingly-cursed O’Deary family, the distraught Devin and the reclusive Mary had lost their daughter (Dora) and their son-in-law (Gregory Gothika). Their other daughter (Dahlia) was missing and their only son (Dillon) had been practically abandoned, too. Phew! That’s a lot of tragedy for one family!

This is the point in the story where things get a little paranormal. Get ready!

It was some years after Dahlia fled from the police and disappeared when Devin and Mary began to notice it: new manuscripts under Gregory’s name were showing up on the shelves of the library! Nobody could explain how they got there, and were perplexed by their contents. Devin beefed up security in the library overnight, but still, new manuscripts appeared steadily over the years. Though Devin would never admit it, his superstitious nature got the best of him, and be began to suspect that the ghosts of his departed family members were playing some role in this strange activity.

Want to know more about the mysterious manuscripts and the O’Deary Family mystery? Check out parts 4 – 8 of the ghost story here.

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