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Published on December 16th, 2012 | by Chaz


The Ghosts in the O’Deary Family Closet, Part 11

The O’Deary Family history is filled with ghosts.

Hello there, fellow conspiracy nuts and surveyors of the supernatural!

I am Chaz, and if you’ve stumbled upon my little corner of the Internet, you’ve likely had at least a passing interest in that mysterious building we call the O’Deary Library.

Not all is right within the walls of this house of literature, as many of you have already guessed. What you may not realize, however, is just how deep the mystery of the library runs – and how deeply linked it is to the family who established it. Join me as I take you through the mountains of evidence I’ve uncovered which all leads back to the unnatural behavior of this curious family, spanning generations and generations.

Let’s dive in.


Now, Dora O’Deary’s confounding behavior was assumed to be a direct result of her “literary genius”. As flattering as Devin found this to be (as he was quite sure that his daughter was a genius), for a long time he was certain that her peculiarities involved something quite sinister. He had no way of proving it, of course, but the feeling nagged at him as he watched his daughter grow up before his eyes.

Still, nothing happened, and Devin began to feel exhausted by his constant suspicions. There must, he deemed, be a perfectly rational explanation for everything that had happened. After all, outside of the disappearance incident (which was, admittedly, rather disturbing), there didn’t seem to be any cause for concern, really – Dora was just a strange, eclectic young girl.

So, Devin gave in. He stopped worrying, stopped shunning the library, stopped suspecting his daughter of nefarious deeds. In fact, he underwent this reversal of suspicion so dramatically that it flung in the opposite direction: Devin seemed to completely lose interest in his first-born daughter, and left her to do whatever she wanted. The poor girl – strange as she was – loved her father very much, and it was heartbreaking for her, as a teenage girl, to have her father ignore her completely. Instead, Devin turned his attention to his only son, Dillon.

Dillon – as I have told you before – was just as smart as his oldest sister, if less “crazy”. This seemed obvious to those around the family, and Dora would often overhear patrons of the library discussing Dillon’s talents, even at such a young age. “Such a smart young boy!” they’d exclaim as they passed him reading in a corner of the library. “And without any of that creepiness of his sister. One of those O’Dearys may just survive this curse yet!”

Dora, who of course overheard this conversation, was devastated. She would make her way into secret rooms of the library that none but her had ever discovered, and there she would sit and cry softly to herself. Only her imaginary friends were there to keep her company, and she would talk to them deep into the night. It wasn’t fair, she thought – she was older and smarter than Dillon, and he still got all the attention. All because she was “weird” and “crazy”, names she’d been called all of her life. It wasn’t her fault that she was different!

It had, of course, become abundantly clear that Dora had an imaginary friend or friends (there may have been many of them) with which she spent all of her time. What was once considered the overactive imagination of a child had become rather creepy as she grew up. I mean, how many fourteen-year-old girls still spoke frequently to people who were simply not there? The townspeople began whispering about her again, muttering about her whenever she walked by.

And yet, as Dora grew up, the only thing that changed was her decision to hide her “friends” from the rest of the world. When she was young, Dora would often be embarrassed by her invisible friends, pretending like they weren’t there if she was ever caught talking to them.

Now that she was older, Dora just didn’t seem to care anymore. She would hold lengthy conversations with her “friends” while other people were around, speaking to them as if they were standing right there! Frankly, it began to scare people. But Dora did not care. Her friends, she said, understood her much more than the people who called her crazy.

Then, one day, something happened – something that would change everything for the O’Deary siblings!

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