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Published on January 20th, 2013 | by Chaz


The Ghosts in the O’Deary Family Closet, Part 13

The O’Deary Family history is filled with ghosts.

Hello there, fellow conspiracy nuts and surveyors of the supernatural!

I am Chaz, and if you’ve stumbled upon my little corner of the Internet, you’ve likely had at least a passing interest in that mysterious building we call the O’Deary Library.

Not all is right within the walls of this house of literature, as many of you have already guessed. What you may not realize, however, is just how deep the mystery of the library runs – and how deeply linked it is to the family who established it. Join me as I take you through the mountains of evidence I’ve uncovered which all leads back to the unnatural behavior of this curious family, spanning generations and generations.

Let’s dive in.


Now we come to the part of the story where we’ll have to skip ahead a bit, I’m afraid. Things remained quite peaceful in the O’Deary household for many years following young Dillon and Dora’s mysterious run-in. And though I am exceedingly happy to report that the family settled into a happy, healthy life for awhile, that wouldn’t make for a very good story, now would it?

Rest easy, my lovers of the macabre! There are still plenty of grisly stories to come out of the O’Deary family – and we’ll get to them, I promise.

But unfortunately for us (and quite fortunate for them), the O’Dearys had no exciting adventures for a very long time. Instead, something far more horrifying was happening: the O’Deary siblings were growing up. Dora, Dhalia and Dillon spent most of their teenage years living perfectly normal lives, much the same as any other kids their age. And, most importantly, they began to outgrow their attachment to the library.

Yes, it was not long after the Dillon-Dora incident that the darling O’Dearys turned their back on the library, leaving it to their parents to run on their own. Dora no longer stalked its halls, speaking with people who simply were not there. Dillon, still refusing to even step foot inside those haunted halls, no longer took to long hours of reading all by himself. The kids had more important things to worry about (or so they thought), and thus there is very little in the way of spooky stories to report from these years in the O’Deary tale.

Which brings us to the next chapter in our (long) story, some of which you already know: the days leading up to the horrifying events which would destroy the O’Deary family forever. I’m speaking, of course, of a dreaded tale of death, murder and suicide: the tale of the O’Deary Sisters!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! We’re almost up to the point in the story where this epic journey began, but we’re not quite there yet. There’s still some story to tell first!

It was around the age of 17 that Dora discovered something about herself: she had a real knack for creative writing, especially of the sinister and spooky kind. Grim, gothic stories were her forté, and if she had come from any other family, it might have been cause for alarm.

Instead, Devin O’Deary simply beamed proudly and announced that Augusta O’Deary’s knack for the macabre had once again reared its head in the form of his little girl. It was a family tradition of sorts, this fascination with dark and dreary tales, and he encouraged his daughter to pursue her writing as far as she could take it. He lent her old books that he had taken into the New World from his mother’s personal library, and he told her scary stories from out of Scotland to inspire her.

But as Dora wrote and received the attention of her parents and teachers, Dhalia and Dillon were left cold. Dillon, who was still only about ten years old at the time, began acting out. In fact, he tried as much as possible not to associate himself with his own family, even at this young age! Devin assured Mary that it was just a phase that little boys were prone to, but it seemed plain to everybody that Dillon wanted nothing to do with the O’Deary name. A smart boy!

Dhalia, on the other hand, was devastated by her older sister’s newfound attention. As a girl who had herself tried writing at a younger age, this was a particularly difficult time for poor Dhalia. She became deeply resentful of Dora; a resentment that she would carry with her for many years to come.

Poor Dora. How could she know what horrors awaited her and her family?

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