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Published on February 24th, 2013 | by Chaz


The Ghosts in the O’Deary Family Closet, Part 18

The O’Deary Family history is filled with ghosts.

Hello there, fellow conspiracy nuts and surveyors of the supernatural!

I am Chaz, and if you’ve stumbled upon my little corner of the Internet, you’ve likely had at least a passing interest in that mysterious building we call the O’Deary Library.

Not all is right within the walls of this house of literature, as many of you have already guessed. What you may not realize, however, is just how deep the mystery of the library runs – and how deeply linked it is to the family who established it. Join me as I take you through the mountains of evidence I’ve uncovered which all leads back to the unnatural behavior of this curious family, spanning generations and generations.

Let’s dive in.


The night that Dillon O’Deary died marked a turning point for his family’s library. After Mrs. Pennybottom’s embarrassing incident with her missing wig, she immediately quit working for the O’Dearys. It was an understandable decision – even if she hadn’t been humiliated, it was becoming a more and more obvious fact that the O’Deary Library was haunted. For real this time! Not just whispers from the townsfolk, but real and obvious evidence: things moving on their own in broad daylight, whispering voices out of thin air… It was downright out of control!

It wasn’t long before the O’Deary Library became more of a local legend than a house of literature. Nobody went in there to read any more; if they went in at all, it was because they wanted to see some ghosts firsthand.

One young and overzealous couple got a bit more than they bargained for. They actually broke into the library late one night, convinced that they would find the ghost of Dora O’Deary and become rich and famous. The poor fools!

They never came back out again. Their bodies were found piled in the basement several weeks later. There was no sign of a struggle, and nobody was ever convicted of their murder. It was as if they simply dropped dead for no reason. Creepy!

By this point, Junior had had enough. It had been two years since his father’s passing, and his mother had followed the previous Spring. He was the last living heir of the O’Deary fortune, as his father was before him. He had grown up listening to ghost stories that his father had told him of the early years of the library, and he had always wondered why they never up and sold the place. It seemed like too much of a burden to him; not worth the risk.

And since his father had died, the place had been a nonstop thorn in his side. Spooky goings-on at all hours of the night, late-night break-ins from superstitious nuts… Enough was enough. Junior resolved to sell the place and make a new name for himself somewhere else – somewhere where the mention of his last name wouldn’t cause his neighbors to whisper behind his back.

But it was too late. Nobody was buying. Nobody was even thinking of buying. Word had gone around town that the curse of the O’Dearys was back in full force, and that the Library was a place of pure, malicious evil. Now that the grandchildren of those of who had seen the O’Dearys purchase the place had grown to adulthood, they believed that the ghost stories they’d been told as children were all coming true. Of course, these stories had been led by young Matthew Mugwort, grandson of the old storyteller himself.

In desperation, Junior repeatedly slashed the cost of the property. He had money; plenty, in fact. That wasn’t what he cared about. All he wanted was to rid himself of this horrid place that was ruining his life. But months turned to years, and eventually Junior accepted that he was stuck with the place; nobody would ever buy it, with its reputation such as it was. So the library remained with the family, and continued to be a site of curious and unexplainable circumstances.

On and on this went, and the cycle of the O’Dearys continued much as it ever did: Junior took a wife, grew old and eventually passed the curse place down to his son, Aiden. Aiden married Liza, and the whole unfortunate series of events started over again.

You see, most of the O’Deary legacy is the simple story of a family who has suffered tremendous misfortune. Whether that be from some curse (if you believe in those things) or just bad luck, the O’Dearys have seemed doomed to repeat the same mistakes of their fathers, brothers, sisters and grandfathers, down through the years. It’s a very sad story! Hopefully, they will one day be able to buck the trend.

But now we are reaching the end of our tale, as the final and most current generation of O’Dearys comes into the picture: the last wave of O’Deary Sisters!

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