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Published on November 25th, 2012 | by Chaz


The Ghosts in the O’Deary Family Closet, Part 8

The O’Deary Family history is filled with ghosts.

Hello there, fellow conspiracy nuts and surveyors of the supernatural!

I am Chaz, and if you’ve stumbled upon my little corner of the Internet, you’ve likely had at least a passing interest in that mysterious building we call the O’Deary Library.

Not all is right within the walls of this house of literature, as many of you have already guessed. What you may not realize, however, is just how deep the mystery of the library runs – and how deeply linked it is to the family who established it. Join me as I take you through the mountains of evidence I’ve uncovered which all leads back to the unnatural behavior of this curious family, spanning generations and generations.

Let’s dive in.


For a long time after Devin and Mary opened their new library, nothing spooky happened. It seemed at first that all of Devin’s superstitious nonsense was nothing more than that; there had really been nothing to worry about after all. After all, things weren’t just good in the brand new O’Deary Library – things were great. Mere months after its opening, the O’Deary Library had quickly grown and expanded into the cultural center of the entire city.

Old families that had brought all of their things into the New World (much as the young O’Dearys had) would often turn up at Devin and Mary’s door, offering to donate old manuscripts and rare novels from around the world to the library. These they graciously accepted, of course, and the library soon had just about any book you could want. Nowhere in all of the New World was there a better collection than in the halls of the O’Deary Library! And with their business exploding with new books and customers, all of Devin’s concerns about the library’s past were soon forgotten. At least, for a little while.

It was around this time that Dora O’Deary, eldest of the O’Deary siblings, was born. With things going so well for Devin and Mary, they had decided it was high time for them to settle down and have a family. Dora was born on February 29th, 1860 – a leap year baby, something which very rarely happened back in those days. All of the wise and elderly townsfolk declared that it was a sign of good fortune, that Dora would live much longer than a normal lifespan because she only celebrated a birthday every four years!

Only Mad Mugwort seemed disturbed by this revelation, and he sat rocking back and forth on his porch (in his underwear, of course), declaring that mischief was afoot. The library was back to its old ways, he informed any passer-bys, and the curse was creeping its way into the lives of the O’Dearys. Nobody paid attention to him – not even Devin.

Alas, it seemed that old Mugwort was on to something. Things were beginning to get strange again in the halls of the O’Deary Library, but it would be years before anybody thought twice about them. Objects began to move on their own. Books were mysteriously piled from the floor to the ceiling. There were strange noises coming from behind the walls during the night – noises which neither Devin nor Mary could explain. Devin grew terribly anxious; his old supernatural fears were getting the best of him again. But still, Mary convinced him that it was his imagination, and he did nothing.

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