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Published on October 14th, 2012 | by Chaz


The Ghosts in the O’Deary Family Closet, Part 2

The O’Deary Family history is filled with ghosts.

Hello there, fellow conspiracy nuts and surveyors of the supernatural!

I am Chaz, and if you’ve stumbled upon my little corner of the Internet, you’ve likely had at least a passing interest in that mysterious building we call the O’Deary Library.

Not all is right within the walls of this house of literature, as many of you have already guessed. What you may not realize, however, is just how deep the mystery of the library runs – and how deeply linked it is to the family who established it. Join me as I take you through the mountains of evidence I’ve uncovered which all leads back to the unnatural behavior of this curious family, spanning generations and generations.

Let’s dive in.


When last we left off in their troubled history, things weren’t looking too great for the O’Deary Family: Gregory – son-in-law to the library founder Devin O’Deary – was deceased. His poor widow, Dahlia O’Deary, was left all alone. It was far from a happy time in all of their lives!

But soon after Gregory Gothika’s untimely and unfortunate end, disaster struck the O’Deary family – again. This time, it was Dora, daughter of Devin O’Deary and Dahlia’s sister. Tragic as it was, Dora’s death seemed just as confusing and curious to the family as her brother-in-law’s had.

At Gregory’s funeral, an argument broke out between Dora and Dahlia. Though this didn’t seem all that unusual – the sisters were known for what their father called “endless bickering” – it did seem strange that the girls would take to fighting on such a sad, sad day. Witness reports (which I have searched far and wide to obtain) agree that a very (understandably) distraught Dahlia confronted her sister, blaming her for the tragedy of her husband’s death!

This was absurd, of course, but Dahlia insisted that her sister’s plagiarism accusations may have been a factor in her husband’s death. I don’t think I need to tell you that Dora didn’t like hearing that  very much. She was soon after seen storming off in a huff, accidentally knocking her poor Aunt Gertrude (who wasn’t really her aunt at all – more like a third cousin, twice removed) to the floor in the process. Her body was found later in the library itself, having seemingly fallen or jumped (or was pushed!) off of the balcony of the second floor of the library.

With her husband and sister now gone, Dahlia’s misery was, well… pretty miserable. It wasn’t long before people started to talk. Soon, they were calling her downright insane! She became known for her crazy stories about being haunted by the ghosts of her deceased family members. The more adventurous folk would occasionally go so far as to ask why the spirits of her husband and sister would have for haunting her. Finally, Dahlia admitted that she was present at the time of Dora’s death – and that she was the one responsible for her sister’s stolen manuscript.

Things were going from bad to worse for the O’Deary family.


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