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Published on October 27th, 2013 | by Chloe


The O’Deary Family Mystery continues at the

Are you ready for Halloween in 5 days?

There’s only a few days left for us to finish telling the tale of the dearly departed O’Deary family members.

And so it was that Ava began to dig deeper into her family’s sordid past. She started, of course, by reading every book that Dora O’Deary had written. This didn’t help much. After all, Dora’s stories were all (supposed to be) fiction – she wouldn’t get any details of her actual life there!

Ava turned to asking around town. She hit the streets, asking any and everybody she knew who had had any dealings with the library if they were familiar with Dora O’Deary. Her quest brought her to the granddaughter of Mrs. Pennybottom, who recalled the story of her grandmother’s hasty, wigless exit from the library. It was from her that Ava learned of her own great-grandfather’s death. She found it most fascinating. Her investigation continued.

Soon enough, Ava was getting news from every corner of the town. It seemed as if some of the older townsfolk had been holding their breath, waiting for any excuse to talk about the haunted library.

Do you dare learn what the townsfolk told Ava? Read on here:

Part 22

Part 23

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