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An Abundance of Katherines: the Story of Colin Singleton

An Abundance of Katherines is the story of Colin Singleton.

It’s no lie I love math.

So when John Green and resident nerdfighter mathematician, Daniel Biss, collaborated on An Abundance of Katharines, I fell in love. You see, Colin Singleton has a bit of an attraction—nay, fascination with Katharines. He has dated a lot of them.  And each time he has been the dumpee—i.e. he was dumped. Every time.

That gets Colin Singleton thinking maybe there was a mathematical equation dictating that he should always be the dumpee. The result is an often funny, thought-provoking examination of love, attraction and the fate of relationships.

You can play around with an awesome applet at to calculate your own relationship formula. But don’t take it personally if it gives you a result you weren’t expecting! Not everything in life can be figured out with a complex mathematical equation.

But the other thing that I really love about An Abundance of Katherines is the use of anagrams. See, Colin Singleton is a child prodigy. A genius. And the thing he does for fun is playing around with anagrams. And I adore it because it is an idea riot.

See what I did there? I adore it is an anagram of idea riot.  Ava O’Deary, the deceased owner of the O’Deary Library is almost as crazy about anagrams as Colin Singleton?  She has a lot of anagram puzzles on O’Deary Puzzles.  She was also quite fond of alliteration.

If you’re not as adept as Colin when it comes to coming up with anagrams in your head, there are tons of sites that can help.

John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines is a really fantastic book, so even if you’re not a math and word nerd, this is another brilliant, thought-provoking story waiting for you to dive into.




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