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The O’Deary Library needs book reviews, author profiles and original book covers for our site.

We are looking for videos, art and, yes, even good old fashioned written words.  If you want to submit a review of a book for children or young adults, here are some tips on making great content and instructions for submitting.


General Tips

  • Make it family friendly.  Save the colourful language for some other use.
  • We like positive better than negative.  We’d rather tell our readers about things they will like than things they won’t. (There are exceptions though.)
  • If you’re under 13, we need your parents’ permission.  Please send us their email address, so we can ask them.
  • If you made it for school, we’d love to see it.  If you did the review, profile or book cover for a school project, we’re still interest… especially if you got a good grade!

Book Reviews

  • Name the book and the author.
  • Tell us a little bit about the story and the characters but NO SPOILERS!
  • Say whether you liked the book and especially, why.
  • Let us know whether you recommend the book.
  • If you think the book is best suited to certain age groups or grades or people with particular interests, say that too!
  • Written book reviews should be about 300 words long.  Include a nice big picture of the book, if you can.
  • Video book reviews should be 1 to 3 minutes long.  Show the book on screen, if you can.

Author Profiles

  • Tell us the name of the author and mention some books he or she has written.
  • Tell us a little bit about the author’s life.
  • You can include a quote from the author or from some of their books.
  • Do you like the author’s writing?  Let us know why or why not.
  • Tell us which of their books you’ve read, which ones you want to read next and which you recommend to other readers.
  • Written author profiles should be about 300 words long.  Include a nice big picture of the author, if you can.
  • Video author profiles should be 1 to 3 minutes long.

 Book Cover Art

  • Design an original book cover for a book you read.  Don’t copy the cover that is already on the book.
  • Make sure the art on the book cover tells us something about the story or characters inside.
  • Don’t forget the title and author’s name.
  • Make up your own blurb for the back.
  • Be colourful and imaginative.

Submit A Review along with Author Profiles and Cover Art to O’Deary Library


Upload the video to your YouTube.  Use “O’Deary” as one of your tags.  Send us the link at, so we’re sure to see it.

Written Material

Send your written book review to  If you’re 13 or under, please send along your parents’ email address so we can get their permission to your review.

Cover Art

Save your art as a .jpeg and upload it to our Flickr cover art channel.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?  We’re listening.  Use the comments section or send as an email:


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